Open source satellite powered bitcoin phone

This project is to build a phone for bitcoiners - which in time will be everyone. A phone for everyone, for the future. There are three core components - phone hardware, bitcoin integration, and network.

The phone hardware will be made in the United States and run on open source software. We can own our future by building it from the ground up. Manufacturers have already started creating linux based smartphones and developing open source software to power them. Satphone is intended to build on and extend these existing market success stories.

Satphone is designed to be fully integrated with the bitcoin network. This means running a full node on the device so users can be part of the network and help secure it.

The last component is the network. Instead of connecting to a provider like Verizon or AT&T - the satphone is intended to be powered by satellite connection. The reduction in launch costs is fueling a surge of satellite technology development and satphone is positioning to take advantage of this trend.

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